Wide-range applications for boright rotomolded ice cooler box

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Author : Fred Yang
Update time : 2022-06-01 15:58:07

The ice cooler has a wide range of application scenarios. When you go to the beach, outdoor camping, barbecue, and fishing, you can see it is often used, so it is very popular among outdoor lovers and anglers. As we all know, the well-known brands of ice coolers on the market are yeti cooler, Rtic coolers, COHO coolers, almost all they use are rotomolded ice coolers. 
Boright coolers quality same as these brands,we have 25qt 35qt 45qt 55qt and so on different sizes.

Ice cooler can also be called an ice chest or hard cooler, which is an insulated box used to keep food or drink cool. Ice cubes are usually placed in it to help keep the contents cool. The cooler is often used during picnics, vacations, or vacations. They are usually made of internal and external plastic shells with rigid foam sandwiched between them. The most popular styles on the market are thermoelectric coolers, rotomolded cooler with wheels and Ride-on coolers, and soft-sided coolers are also very popular,it is are foldable and easy to carry.


  • Outdoor

  • Fresh Storage
  • Camping
  • Fishing

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